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5 Tips and Tricks to Remove Wall Decals

Screws, nails and other hanging choices lead to damage to walls, keep reading for hints and techniques for eliminating your wall stickers.

1. Blow Dryer Trick - With a blow dryer (on a very low temperature) to warm up the wall mural can help to keep the glue soft so that you are able to get rid of the decal simpler. Begin by coordinating the blow dryer at the same corner of the mural and after it feels hot to the touch, then use your fingernail to gradually pull it in the wall socket. Bear in mind, slow and steady wins the race! Your purpose is to receive the whole decal off in 1 attempt, so make sure you take your time as you get started eliminating more of this decal. When there's still glue left on the wall, then we advocate using Goo Gone, Goof Off or simply good fur soap and warm water to eliminate all of it. Professional tip - if peeling off, remain as near the wall as you possibly can not to lead to any excess strain on the wall or decal.

2. Hot Towel - Put a hot, damp towel on the wall decal to dissolve the paste of this glue. When you have thoroughly conducted the towel on your complete decal, then gently peel it from the wall with your fingernail or a set of tweezers. Professional suggestion - this procedure will secure your wall, however you won't have the ability to reuse the wall sticker later.

3. Mayonnaise - Yes, it is true. If you coat your wall sticker in mayonnaise and allow it to sit for some time, it is going to soften the glue. This can allow you to remove the decal from the wall without causing harm. When the mural is eliminated, have a cloth and wash off your wall to eliminate the mayo. Professional tip - leave a buff and a few scented candles burning in the area because this choice does not smell the best!

4. Iron Away - to eliminate your decal without damaging the wall, consider using an iron over a semi-wet (not leaking) washcloth. Contrary to the hot towel system, the steam melts the adhesive in order to not mess up your mural or the wall. Professional tip - begin at the borders and work in to find the best outcomes.

5. Wax On - Should you plan on reusing your wall murals at a subsequent date, set them between sheets of wax paper for secure and effortless storage/travel. Professional tip - be sure that you set the stickers on the wax aspect so it is easy to reapply them afterwards.

We hope that our suggestions will help you out!


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